Mediroster is a rostering application for healthcare organisations with features such as facial recognition technology, mobile device support, and enforced Australian rostering regulations.


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    Clock In/Clock Out

    Convenient and easy roster attendance with multiple options available, including automated face detection.

    Users and Permissions

    Comprehensive control of user accounts and permissions to conform to your organisation’s requirements.

    Roster Templates

    Minimise manual policy checks with advanced settings such as FTE, budget, skills per shift, number of staff, and more.

    Enforce Medical Policies Templates

    Automatically apply essential medical industry policies using roster templates.

    Enforce Medical Policies Templates

    Use specific medical industry roles and rights as installed rostering guidelines.

    Employment Checks

    Manage required medical checks and get notified on time if checks are missing or expired.

    Hosted in Australia

    We host on 100% Australian dedicated servers for optimal speed, security and performance.

    Email and SMS notifications

    Powerful notification system using email and SMS for users’ shifts, approvals and miscellaneous alerts.

    Printable and Exportable timesheets

    Always have rosters closeby with print-friendly timesheets and a variety of standard file export options.


    Regular and reliable backups and failover hosting for peace of mind rostering.


    Customise interface settings with your company branding, roles, permissions and terminologies.

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