G.Prime 2

G.Prime 2 is an established and widely adopted online learning and information management system designed for the Australian General Practice Training Program environment.

  • It is primarily designed for the Australian General Practice Training Program environment in which RTPs work. G.Prime 2 is an evolution from GPRime which had its genesis from a small GPET Innovations Grant in 2004 to document learning, planning and assessment activities. G.Prime 2 adds onto the experience of GPRime up-to-date technologies and standards and enhanced security.

    G.Prime 2 enables all AGPT education and training requirements to be managed electronically, including the Registrar Learning Plan, ECTV reports, GP Supervisor reports and Registrar Learning portfolios. G.Prime 2 maintains all the data required in the MDS and is able to synchronise with RIDE.

    RTPs have expanded G.Prime 2’s core modules and datasets to suit their own operational requirements and have developed a range of additional enhancements and modules to supplement their G.Prime 2 workflow.

    • Offer of Training

      RTP administrators can invite a prospective trainee to their Training Program(s) with this module. Invitees can include former trainees from earlier Training Programs (such as PGPPP) or trainees that did not make a shortlist or round of offers.

    • Requirements Management

      RTPs may vary their requirements in their training program on a generic or trainee specific level. For example, an extra ECTV visit may be required for one trainee, or all trainees may be required to attend an RTP specific workshop.

    • RIDE Integration

      G.Prime 2 is fully integrated with RIDE and can send data relevant to all MDS datasets to RIDE. Synchronization can be set to Automatic (on record change) or Manual (triggered by an RTP administrators for selected records).

    • Reporting Engine

      RTP administrators can design their own custom reports using Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Builder to drag-and-drop data fields into the required report. Reports can then be published to a target G.Prime 2 user audience and run on demand and exportable to various standard formats.

    • User Management

      RTP administrators can manage their program staff and trainees, including creating users, assigning roles and access permissions as well as updating user details.

    • Facilities and Accreditation

      RTP administrators can manage their facilities’ data and accreditations for those facilities and the supervisors there. G.Prime 2 can notify admin if accreditations are close to expiry or expired.

    • Placement Management

      RTP administrators can manage a Trainee’s placements including the Placement Type, Facility, Supervisor, Start and End dates as well as other relevant data.

    • Events Management

      RTP events teams can set up events, send invites, print attendance sheets, input and track attendance. Relevant documentation can also be uploaded for distribution to attendees. Individual event’s data can be synced with RIDE if related to the RIDE registrar activities dataset.

    • Document Server

      Documents such as policy documents, printable forms and educational materials can be uploaded and managed on the Document Server, each document can have different visibility to users based on their Role or Region or Group.

    • Communication

      RTP administrators can search for users based on various filters and send mail to their G.Prime 2 and/or external users just like a general email application. G.Prime 2 users are able to manage their own contact details.

    • Semester Directory

      Authorised users can access the directory and find the contact details of a Facility, Supervisors and Trainees at a facility during the current semester.

    • App Settings

      G.Prime 2 has a wide range of customisation options available to the RTP Super Administrator so they can tailor the web application to suit the RTPs work processes and needs.

    • Trainee Portfolio

      Trainees, their Supervisors and MEs can see at a glance a Trainee’s progress through the training program including details about placements, educational requirements , workshop attendance and other relevant documentation.

    • Learning Planner

      To manage their training into bite-sized goals. Trainees, their Supervisors and optionally their ME can add Learning Items to a plan and check them off once accomplished.

    • Procedure Log

      Where the Learning Planner allows for a wider range of Learning Items such as administrative training, the Procedure Log focuses on Procedural Skills that a trainee will need to master. Progress in these skills can be reviewed and signed off by their Supervisor and ME.

    • In-Practice Teaching Log (IPTL)

      Supervisors and trainees can log teaching time and topics covered in the IPTL to ensure accurate tracking of training. IPTL signoff workflow can be customised in app settings by RTP administrators.

    • Groups

      Groups can be set up by RTP administrators based on Regional or Term Placement criteria to set up workshops or disseminate educational material. Some RTPs allow Trainees to set up their own groups for exam study.

    • File Dropbox

      A drag-and-drop file upload and storage system for temporary storage. Uploaded files can then be associated with the user’s training requirements or other records as needed.

    • SMS Messaging

      JAM Web has developed the JAM SMSrelay and can integrate text messaging into G.Prime 2’s notifications or anywhere else an RTP may require messaging within G.Prime 2.

    • Single Sign On (SSO)

      RTPs have requested several Single Sign On integrations with various 3rd party vendors so G.Prime 2 users may conveniently switch from one web application to another without having to re-authenticate.

    • 3rd Party Integration

      G.Prime 2 is able to be to integrated with 3rd party applications such as LMSs for data interchange using custom RESTful or XML based web services.

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