It is primarily designed for the Australian General Practice Training Program environment in which RTOs (Regional Training Organisations) work. G.Prime 2 is an evolution from GPRime which had its genesis from a small GPET Innovations Grant in 2004 to document learning, planning and assessment activities. G.Prime 2 adds onto the experience of GPRime up-to-date technologies and standards and enhanced security.

G.Prime 2 enables all AGPT education and training requirements to be managed electronically, including the Registrar Learning Plan, ECTV reports, GP Supervisor reports and Registrar Learning portfolios. G.Prime 2 maintains all the data required by Department of Health and is tightly integrated with RIDE (Registrar Information Data Exchange).

RTOs have expanded G.Prime 2’s core modules and datasets to suit their own operational requirements and have developed a range of additional enhancements and modules to supplement their G.Prime 2 workflow.

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Modular, Extensible, Customisable

With H.Prime 2 working for your organisation, any supervisor or administrator can access relevant junior doctor portfolios, forms, check what training requirements are outstanding for junior doctors, submit supervisor forms, share resources and communicate via email and instant message functionality. Additional modules overleaf, can further enhance H.Prime 2‘s functionality and value for your organisation.


Dynamic/Standard Forms

H.Prime 2 provides many pre-built Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Health Education & Training Institute (HETI) forms such as Mini- CEX, Case Based Discussion, Direct Observation of Procedural Skill, Multisource Feedback, 360 Self Assessment and End of Term Assessment. Furthermore, hospital administrators can design any form using the form designer interface, with a range of generic and data bound form fields. Basic form workflows can be customised according to specific hospital needs


Hospital administrators can create common sets of rotations as templates for junior doctors to minimise administration time to create multiple rotations for multiple doctors. Administrators can also manage and customise the available list of disciplines, and junior doctors can have customised rotations that vary from the templates.

Learning Planner

This module allows junior doctors to plan, organise and track their learning. Junior doctors can add learning items or experience in particular skills and procedures, while allowing supervisors and medical educators the ability to see learning plans and provide feedback to their junior doctors.


Administrators can create common training requirements for junior doctors using dynamic forms based on one or more discipline/training attributes. The system will automatically add these requirements to a junior doctor’s e-portfolio by matching their rotation disciplines.


Junior doctors can manage their own portfolio by adding multiple documents, photos, links, videos and presentations in various portfolio sections. They can also add term experiences and map it to ACF domains. They can send feedback requests to their supervisor for in-progress or planned learning items.

Resource Share

Documents such as policy documents, printable forms and educational resources such as video tutorials and external links can be uploaded and shared with specific groups of users. Hospital administrators can map these resources to ACF domains to specify any resource related to the ACF.


Hospital administrators can search for users in H.Prime 2 based on various filters and send emails to their registered and/or external email address. All H.Prime 2 users are able to manage their own contact details. Junior doctors, supervisors and medical educators also have the ability to send instant messages to specific H.Prime 2 users.


Several built-in reports are available for administrators, supervisors and medical educators in printable formats which provide users with useful statistics to help in decision making.


A powerful online roster module in H.Prime 2 allows the administrator to create and manage rosters with ease. Administrator can assign multiple shifts for a user in bulk and create roster notes. The system checks for any overlapping shift or errors that may have occurred before publishing a roster. It can notify staff via email and mobile SMS with all the shift details. Administrators have the ability to pull various types of reports from a roster and attendance. All staff have the ability to see the full roster online on their dashboards.

Events Management

Administrators can create and manage events such as workshops, lectures, assessments and meetings. The system also allows administrators to manage event invitations, RSVPs, event attendance, event notifications, reminders and event cancellations. It provides a full calendar view to all types of users roles to show upcoming events and its details. Event attendees can also get notifications of the event via email and mobile SMS.

Customisation & Integration

H.Prime 2 is fully customisable and it has the ability to adapt to a hospital’s specific needs. JAM Web Services can build custom modules and integrate H.Prime 2 with any 3rd party system to enable data exchange and makes things easier for hospitals.

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