JAM SMS Relay System

JAM SMS Relay system provides instant SMS alerts for your users and integrates into existing applications, and includes SMS templates, message scheduling and SMS credit ordering.

  • Notify your users instantly

    JAM SMS Relay System is an easy-to-use service that integrates into existing applications, providing comprehensive and affordable SMS alerts for any organisation




    • Includes 1000 credits1 per month
    • AUD (Excl. GST)
    • 28 DAYS EXPIRY



    • Includes 2000 credits1 per month
    • AUD (Excl. GST)
    • 28 DAYS EXPIRY



    • Includes 2000 credits1 per month
    • AUD (Excl. GST)
    • 28 DAYS EXPIRY


    1 A credit is a standard SMS message of 160 characters, if message is longer than 160 characters it will charge multiple credits.

    Interface Integration

    Visually see integrated features of your existing application and its configuration

    Feature management

    Manage your integrated features for multiple products and categories.

    SMS Templates

    Customise your SMS message templates using dynamically defined fields

    Message Timing

    Control message timing using time-sensitivity options

    Bulk Messages

    Send bulk SMS using standard CSV format

    SMS Ordering

    Order and manage SMS credits with ease inside the application

    Two-way Messages

    Receive responses from user's phones directly with Two-way messaging2

    2 Flat rate $50 per month (additional) with unlimited incoming SMS

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