Responsive Websites

What is responsive design?

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of devices like tablets and smartphones, the vast majority of users viewing your website will now be viewing it on a mobile device. A responsive website is flexible, meaning the content adapts fluidly across all screen resolutions and devices, and provides an excellent user experience with minimal scrolling or zooming.

The need for responsive design

Because traditional desktops now only comprise a fraction of internet devices, it is imperative your website adapts to the many types of displays being used. Responsive websites are now favoured by Google, which pushes the majority of traffic from searches towards sites that are responsive. If your website is non-responsive, your online visibility (and consequently your potential revenue streams) are directly diminished.

What JAM can do for you

JAM Web is able to redesign the user interface of your web applications so that your website is easily viewable across all internet functional devices. Laying out and coding the website using modern, best-practice standards will ensure all website elements are scaled and flow appropriately to optimise your experience for visitors.

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