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G.Prime 2

Extensible online system for AGPT training program administration

G.Prime 2 is an established and widely adopted online learning and information management system designed for the Australian General Practice Training Program environment.

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H.Prime 2 for Junior Doctors

Empowers junior doctors with learning requirements and resources

H.Prime 2 (Hospital Edition) is an ACF based online learning and e-portfolio platform designed to promote and reinforce self-directed learning of junior doctors in the hospital environment.

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Specialised Rostering for healthcare organisations

Mediroster is a rostering application for healthcare organisations with features such as facial recognition technology, mobile device support, and enforced Australian rostering regulations.

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JAM SMS Relay System

An easy-to-use service that provides affordable SMS alerts

JAM SMS Relay system provides instant SMS alerts for your users and integrates into existing applications, and includes SMS templates, message scheduling and SMS credit ordering.

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ACF Learning Planner

Helps prevocational doctors track their learning within the ACF

The ACF Learning Planner is a free App for Android and iPhone that uses the latest Australian Curriculum Framework educational template to allow prevocational doctors to track their learning.

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