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.prime is our custom built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Automation (BPA) system for your business. Using our design principles with world class cloud-based systems we build a system for your industry and business.

When you purchase an off the shelf product such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle or SAP you then have to spend time and money customising it to your business needs. Generally it is accepted with this that you follow the 80/20 rule… 80% of the system you use out of the box and customise no more than 20%. But when you have a unique business model or niche service this does not always work.

That is where .prime comes in, we offer the ability to build a custom system for your business, your unique way of working, if you want a standard finance system, we integrate with that (Microsoft Dynamics, MYOB or Xero for example) and then build the unique business processes, customer management functions and industry functionality you need on a cloud-based rigorous system utilising a range of best practice standards:

  • Mobile first
  • Human Centred Design
  • Service Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • ITIL Best Practice Standards
  • ISO Security Standards

We also offer integration capabilities with platforms including iPaaS, LDAP and API integrations.

Some examples of our unique systems include:


.Prime is our generic management system, it incorporates the basic functions of communications, events management and dynamic forms and is used primarily for venue management.

.Prime also has the capability to have many additional modules added to the base system and can be used to manage a range of business functions.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Operations
  • Support, Service Management & Ticketing
  • Sales 
  • Financial Management
  • Events Management, Bookings
  • and much, much more.

H.Prime 2

H.Prime 2 ® is a pre-vocational medical training management software. Designed and developed to manage pre-vocational medical training for doctors and nurses.

H.Prime 3 ® is a new version of our system for pre-vocational medical training management. Designed and developed to manage pre-vocational medical training for doctors and nurses.

H.Prime 3 is Faster, More Powerful and is full of More Features.

Check out the h.Prime website for more details...

G.Prime 2

G.Prime 2 ® is the current version of our training management system for General Practice, an evolution from G.Prime which was designed in 2004. This system was designed to manage GP training requirements.

The system is comprehensive with management of all aspects of GP Training including the placement and management of trainee's in independent medical practices.

A version of this system is now used across Australia by the majority of trainee GP doctors.

All our .prime systems come with either internal document management systems or our .docs document management system for management and distribution of information.

.Prime is our generic management system, it is built to cater for a range of needs and can easily be connected and integrated to other platforms such as MYOB, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics or even Salesforce.

.Prime provides a range of functional areas that can enhance your business and do processes your way while having other. Some of our modules include:

  • Event Management
  • Communications Management
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Expense Management
  • Resource Management
  • Board Management
  • Risk Management
  • Learning Management
  • Customer Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Reporting
  • Human Resource Management
  • eCommerce
  • Product Catalogues
  • Website Integration & Management
  • Custom Modules
  • And much more…

The ability to select modules and have them and their processes completely customised by the developers to your business needs is what gives our systems a unique advantage.

Pre-built and customised versions of .Prime may be available for your industry, some of our leading examples are listed below:

  • System for management of post-graduate hospital trainee management as doctors, nurses, midwives and more.

  • System for management of fellowship training for medical professionals in General Practice.

  • New version of h.Prime released in 2023, our fastest most powerful system to date to manage more than just training for doctors (PGY and WBA), nurses, midwives and more.

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