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We develop innovative software systems for progressive organisations

We capture the unique requirements of your business and design a custom software application which is fully tailored to your needs. The tailored solution helps your organisation to work efficiently and effectively.

We have been developing and designing solutions for over 14 years for many happy clients.  We love working with visionary organisations who are willing to make an impact. Using the latest tools and technology, we designed applications that enable our clients to outplay their competition.


When you need a custom application development?

An off the shelf solution can be affordable and quicker to implement than a custom application. However, it is not the case with every organisation. There are several cases where custom application development is the answer:

Unique Processes
Most off-the-shelf applications do not provide customization, which you need. It never changes its core to match your unique business requirements, adding or removing elements lead to compromised layout and structure. A custom application build, caters for all your specific needs to its core to create the desired outcome for your unique business requirements.
Complete Integration
A usual problem we see when organisations use off-the-shelf products is the deficiency in integration with existing software. This results in the duplication of data being entered by staff in multiple applications. A custom application can integrate fully with your existing systems.
Customisation Claim
Most of the off-the-shelf applications do not provide customization which you need. It never changes its core to match your unique business requirements, adding or removing few bits and pieces lead to a compromise. The custom application we build cater for the all specific needs to its core and you get what you exactly need.

Why consider custom application development?

One size does not fit all. A custom innovative program to suit your organisation’s specific needs, can streamline tasks, perform according to your company’s growth and development. Below are a number of reasons why a tailored solution to your companies online management will benefit your organisation.
Enhanced Productivity
A custom application specifically designed with your businesses needs in mind provides freedom for your employees to work faster and smarter. Your team does not need to change processes to adjust with the system, the system will work and compliment your existing processes. A single integrated system increases the efficiency of your staff as they do have to deal with various system for different purposes.
Competitive Advantage
Using a centralised platform, increases staff productivity and has the flexibility to scale and customise as your business grows.
Market Domination
As your business needs change, reacting quickly to new opportunities is vital. Custom software systems can be quickly changed, unlike the time-consuming process of off-the-shelf product customization cycle. We can develop extended and enhanced features quickly to meet your needs and targets.

Application Development Process

We have been delivering successful custom projects for customers of various sizes for over 14 years. During this time, we have found that we can’t use a single development methodology for every organisation. We must choose a development methodology based on the organisation’s culture.

For example: A custom application development process that is too rigid may not work for highly innovative and fast-moving organisation. Although a highly flexible development methodology is too difficult for the more traditional/multinational organisation who have board and shareholders to answer to.

Hence the organisational culture plays a vast role in the development methodology and approach used for your project. We use a mix of the structured Waterfall method combined with the flexibility of Agile depending on the organisational culture.

Our Hybrid development process in action

When we start any project, we assign a dedicated team that will work directly with the client on their custom application. We have an experienced team of qualified and certified scrum masters, software engineers, project managers, testers, solution architects and specialist UI/UX developers.
Understanding Your Vision
From the start, we need to know your vision which allows us to understand your organisation and what you are trying to achieve. This ensures our team is ready to take on the challenge and can provide the type of service you need, rather than trying to fit you into a mould.
Developing Your Application
We develop systems through iterations that run approximately 2-3 weeks as this suits most of our clients. Through continuous integration and deployments, we periodically provide a preview of the work completed. At the end of each iteration we also provide a complete demonstration of the application to date, so you can see the progress clearly.
Gathering Your Requirements
We meet with you in person, hold workshop, teleconference and visit your business to full understand your company’s requirements.

Technology Stack

Traditionally, we have developed solutions in the last 14 years using Microsoft tools and technologies, but this does not limit us from using more innovative technologies which are constantly emerging. We provide our clients with the benefits of these technologies and adapt and train our resources for that. Our priority is to provide solutions for our clients with the latest and scalable technologies to ensure a longer product lifespan in this fast-paced world.

Below are some of the tools and technologies that we currently work with:


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