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Our document management system was first developed for James Cook University, but has taken on a life of it’s own as it has evolved to manage libraries of documents for various organisations. The system can operate stand alone or as an integrated part of our .prime systems.

Our unique document management system incorporates low-cost storage with efficient document management and role-based access controls to allow easy distribution and dissemination of information.

All files are kept securely, scanned for integrity and viruses when loaded and stored with version control. Historic, archived or infrequently accessed materials are automatically compressed and decompressed by the system on access to ensure optimised storage without users needing to even know they are compressed.

Our system supports a wide variety of file extensions and types as well as custom additions including:

  • Word: .doc and .docx
  • Excel: .xls and .xlsx
  • PowerPoint: .ppt and .pptx
  • Acrobat: .pdf
  • Captivate eLearning
  • HTML 5 eLearning
  • Images: .jpg and .gif
  • Audio: .mp3 and .wav
  • Video: .mpg
  • And much more…
Library document view
eLearning module view

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