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Hosting Management

Amplify your business with cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure today is an amazing shift in how businesses manage services and applications. Maximising the power of technology and use of the right tools to help organisations to scale and expand. JWS help companies build, migrate and optimise their application and hosting requirements with our premium partner Microsoft Azure or we can host in Amazon Web Services (AWS), or other service providers nominated by you. 

We offer three levels of service:

  • 1. Facilitation: We set up the hosting and hand it to you to manage.

  • 2. Support: We set it up and provide ongoing support to the level you desire.

  • 3. Manage: We offer a full no-touch management service to optimise your site now and into the future with service, support, and security patching.


Why JAM Web Services for your Azure migration, optimisation and support?

Our Azure cloud specialists are experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals. They can help you tailor the optimal amount of resources you need based on your requirements. This allows you to save and pay only what you need. We always keep in mind scalability factors while designing your solution to cater for future needs. We are proficient in full and hybrid cloud migration. We collaborate and communicate with your team to deliver your technological needs and ensure a smooth transition into a managed cloud service. Azure Cloud Solutions include:
Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration
We can transition your legacy hosting and your organisation data to secure Microsoft Azure Platform with maximum efficiency. It is secure, reliable and scalable. We have successfully migrated various client projects that involve complex applications and database configurations. This has enabled our clients to scale up or down with ease.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Optimisation
We can analyse your existing cloud platform and pinpoint performance bottlenecks, underutilised or overburdened resources. We can provide you with a detailed proposal and implementation plan to optimise your existing cloud services so that you can use its full potential without facing any performance hurdles.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Monitoring & Support
We understand your data availability is crucial for your business. Our Azure Specialist Support Team provides you with “peace of mind” and instant support so that your system stays online with close to zero downtime. We will provide you with a complete SLA (Service Level Agreement) for our monitoring, maintenance and support service.
Please contact us if you have;
  • Shared or dedicated hosting and have a need to move to a cloud environment
  • Problems with managing your own infrastructure
  • Possible security issues with your existing hosting and data
  • Expensive current hosting
  • Lack of features or flexibility in your existing hosting
  • Problems with your data backups and redundancy
  • Need 24/7 monitoring and support for your IT infrastructure
  • Problems with your existing server and application performance
  • Need to connect your various business systems on a single platform

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