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About Us

Our Business

Vision Mission & Values

JAM Web Services has been serving medical education for the last 18 years in Australia. We have been delivering the software solutions that streamline the medical education processes, reduce administration time and increase efficiencies.

We developed the very first G.Prime system and different variants and released the next generation Training Management system, G.Prime 2 in conjunction with several Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. In continuing our innovation in the Medical Education and Training, we have developed H.Prime to further service the Medical Education community in Australia.

In 2022, we have collaborated with RACGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) to implement and innovate G.Prime Software nationwide throughout Australia for the General Practitioner Learning Management and College-Led Training. 

Our Team is dedicated and working hard alongside RACGP to provide IT Services on transitioning to the new model of college-led training. JAM Web Services is committed to working with Regional Training Organisations, Medical Colleges, Australian Hospitals and Medical Education stakeholders to deliver the best innovative solutions for healthcare service.


Our Vision

“We strive to become a solution provider by helping businesses implement innovative technologies and develop software to face current challenges.”

Our Mission

“We commit to excellence in providing quality software solutions and going beyond software to provide superior professional services and ongoing support.”

Our Core Values

  • One of the most basic of our core values is honesty.
  • It is demonstrated by what we say and by what we do.
  • It impacts our entire life; our jobs, our relationships, our own feelings about ourselves and the actions we take.
  • It moves us forward and allow us to feel good about what we do.
  • The second most important of our core value is integrity.
  • It is our moral or ethical convictions to do the right thing in all circumstances.
  • It involves our moral judgment and character to not only understand right from wrong but to practice it in all we do.
  • We believe trust as an essential human value that quantifies and defines our interdependence in relationships with others.
  • We believe learning is fundamental to human flourishing, and strive to support learning opportunities on every front.
  • We embrace continuous learning perpetual growth and constant improvement.
  • We believe innovation about bringing ideas to life.
  • We recognise that performance through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality is linked to innovation.
  • We believe that advancement and improvement is driven by the needs of our users and the market and we will continuously strive to ensure that our solutions bring value to our clients and customers.
Team Work
  • Together everyone achieves more.
  • We support productive teams that share common goals, a common vision and work in an unselfish manner.
  • As a team, we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability while recognizing that everyone has their own unique role that must be respected and appreciated.
Service Excellence
  • Service excellence is more than what we provide.
  • It is how we think and act.
  • It is more than just fixing a problem.
  • It is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior customer experience each and every time.
  • We recognize that employees perform their best when they are happy and healthy.
  • We provide and maintain a workplace that supports and encourages staff to enjoy their work functions, laugh with their co-workers, make healthy choices and balance their work-home lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

We believe in building friendly, professional relationships with clients, working together in partnership to produce successful business solutions. Our main objective on every project is to build the company we are working with in both profile and profitability. We will design, develop, liaise and implement all web and software solution for your company.

With a team of highly trained professionals, we have a reputation for excellence in which we consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our high levels of service ensure work is delivered on brief, on budget and on time.

Whether you require cutting edge web design or enterprise web applications - let the team at JAM Web Services show you how.

  • "Jam Web helped us to develop an App for mobile devices that allows us to send messages to our Registrars as an alternative method of communication to email. I have found JamWeb to be flexible, easy to talk to, and prompt in their replies to our enquiries. They listen and try to accommodate our requirements when enhancements or new system changes are requested."
    Doug Pretty Business / Systems Support Officer
  • "From 2017 the CCLHD Workplace Based Assessment(WBA) candidates have completed all assessments on the HPrime 2 System. HPrime 2 is an easy to use and efficient electronic platform that enables the WBA program to ensure that each assessment meets the Australian Medical Council (AMC) guidelines. From initial consultation HPrime 2 has provided ongoing immediate assistance with any of our concerns and has been able to meet all of our various requests thus tailoring the program to meet our needs. HPrime 2 has enabled improved efficiency and ensures that we are meeting the AMC requirements. This program has an easy to use interface and vast versatility, the responsiveness of the support team has been outstanding and is a major benefit of this fantastic program."
    Nikita Sidhom / WBA Project Officer (30 Oct 2017)


  • "JAM Web Services has been a key partner in providing General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) with a robust, GP Registrar training management system based on their product G.Prime 2. This has contributed to improved business processes, increased levels of efficiency, automation and integration to key GPTT systems. G.Prime 2 assists GPTT in reporting requirements for the Department of Health and provides a portal for GP Registrars, their Supervisors and Medical Educators to manage and review training requirements and progress through the AGPT program. With the recent release of a UX/UI overhaul, fitting the GPTT style guide, G.Prime 2 is now a responsive web app suitable for mobile and tablet use which we have observed as becoming the most common interaction method."
    Tim Sumpton / ICT Officer (24 Aug 2018)
  • "JAM Web Services has been GP Synergy’s software development partner for more than twelve years. JAM has been highly responsive and flexible in terms of our, often demanding, requirements for improvements to our administrative portal application (GPRime2) as well as our variable resourcing needs."
    Dr Hadi Mirisaee / Business Systems Manager (31 Jul 2018)
  • "JAM Web was engaged at the time James Cook university’s GP training program was involved in the development of an online program to enhance one of its critically important training activities,namely external clinical teaching visits. They approached the half-completed project with impressive professionalism and responsiveness to allow a very timely completion of the project. Through this, JAM Web have demonstrated that they would have the expertise to do all our other related projects. In summary, JAM Web’s strengths are their team approach, their accessibility, and the ability to effectively deliver remotely as much as if they were face to face."
    Dr Nick Hummel / Deputy Director | Lead Medical Educator (8 Jan 2019)
  • "JCU commissioned JAM Web to create a document/resource management portal for our delivery of gp training resources to our trainees across rural and regional Queensland. JAM Web understood our requirements and delivered a system that met our original vision. During the development and testing process, JAM Web were extremely responsive to our requests, by fixing bugs, improving functionality and listening to our changing needs. The project ran to time and budget and we would use JAM Web again for future projects."
    Kimberley Martinsen / eLearning Coordinator (23 Jan 2019)


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