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External Form Submission Feature in H.Prime 2

We are pleased to announce the recent release of an External Form Submission feature in H.Prime 2. The only software-solution in Australia for the Workplace-based Assessment and Prevocational Training of Junior Doctors. It has transformed the assessment process digitally by automating the entire workflow of the assessment process and saves hours of work!

The Central Coast Local Health District has started to use this additional feature in H.Prime 2 for the external assessor submission of the 360 Multi-score Feedback forms. Both Gosford and Wyong Hospital on the Central Coast are benefitting from this feature to reduce the enormous amount of administrative load and increasing their productivity.

Previously the manual process of the 360 Multi-score Feedback form was highly time-consuming and cumbersome. Administrators had to email, remind and track hundreds of forms, manually in spreadsheets. H.Prime 2 has streamlined the whole process, removed the paper clutter and automated communication between junior doctors, assessor and administrators.