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H.Prime Mobile App Release

H.Prime is pleased to unveil its Mobile App, providing a simpler way for WBA/PGY1/2/3+ Candidates and Assessors to submit their assessments at fingertips. The H.Prime mobile app gives them instant access to all of their assessments, notifications, resources and more.

Essential Features

  • Users will get all assessment-related notifications on their mobile device in the notification area, similar to emails, SMS and Facebook notifications etc.
  • Users can tap the notification on H.Prime app to see the full details/emails they received just like email notification.
  • Users can tap the assessment link of the form directly from their mobile devices without the need to log on their mobile browser.
  • Users can see their updated assessment status like which are pending, awaiting sign-off or completed etc.
  • It is imperative, with H.Prime app, there is a 70% potential reduction in the administrative process and paperwork so that there is more time available for clinical activities.

    Available in both on iOS and Android platforms. Download now!