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JAM.Web announces h.Prime 3.0 3.0 calendar

We have entered a new era of the h.Prime system, this update is both an improvement in the cosmetic look and feel of the system, but a re-development of the underlying platform and technology.

With the release of h.Prime 3 we evolve the platform to work at scale utilising the latest technology from Microsoft including new Agile code, AZURE Serverless Cloud and more. Coupled with interface improvements designed to remove clutter and complexity from end users, and an interactive calendar view that shows you when rotations, assessments and events are due.

Active buttons work in both desktop and mobile views of the application to show you how many tasks are due, new resources that have been added for you to view and events that you need to attend in the next 7 days.

The new platform is fast, powerful and reliable with an average page load speed of under 3 seconds and includes JAM.Web .Docs document management platform integrated to the system for powerful resource management.

Included in the new platform is the option to switch to the new EPA forms and framework in addition to all the existing capabilities such as PGY, WBA and Nursing Management.